How to Unlock or Restore Apple ID

How to Unlock or Restore Apple ID

As of lately it seems that Apple is putting too much emphasis on the security and in case your account has been hacked it may even get suspended. There are many users who have been receiving the following message “locked for security reasons”.

If you are among those unlucky users who have received this particular message you ought to know that this is really bad because your Apple ID and password are required to use Apple’s services and the device itself. Bellow you will find out how to unlock disabled Apple ID.

Instructions for Unlocking Disabled Apple ID

It is really bothersome when your Apple account gets locked, especially when you are trying to get the latest apps from the App store. Still, this does not have to mean that your account was locked simply because someone has tried to log in into your Apple account and as a security response Apple has temporarily disabled the account. The Apple ID can get locked even when someone tries to enter a wrong password several times.

Unlock or Restore Apple ID

So what to do if your Apple ID is disable and your account is locked?

First of all you need to check whether your Apple ID is really locked. In case you are suspicious but you are not really sure you can check if some of these alerts are showing up:

  • You are unable to sign in because your account was deactivated for security reasons.
  • Your Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons.
  • The particular Apple ID has been locked for security reasons.

What to do in case your Apple ID is locked?

  • Using a Mac computer, launch the Safari Browser.
  • Go to “iForgot” Website of Apple.
  • Write your email address and your personal name and last name. After that select “Next”.
  • If you have previously enabled the two step verification feature you will be prompted to enter the recovery key. If it is not then you can skip this step. If you have the recovery key, enter it and select next. Now select the phone number which you have used for the two step verification and press on Continue. Enter the Verification code and press Continue.
  • Enter your new password and confirm it. After that press on Reset Password.

And that’s it, by doing this you will reset your Apple ID’s password and your account will be unlock iCloud lock on your account. Remember that you will need to use the newest passwords for the accounts on your Mac computer and iPhone.

How to update the password on your iDevice

If you want to set a new password for your iDevice account then follow these instructions:

  • Go to Settings—iCloud—Edit.
  • Now type the new password and press Done.

How to update password on MAC OS X

If you want to update the password on your MAC OS X then follow these instructions:

  • Open System Preferences from the Apple Menu.
  • Choose iCloud and Sign out from your account.
  •  Type the new password and Sign IN.

You will also be asked to enter the new password for the other apps on your device such as Facetime, iTunes etc. They will prompt you for the password so keep in mind that the password will always be need and to keep it somewhere safe. Hopefully this short post was useful to you and you have managed to unlock your Apple ID.

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