Check if your iPhone iCloud Activation Lock screen is activated

Check if your iPhone iCloud Activation Lock screen is activated

Apple’s users now can check if their iPhone or other iOS device is being protected by Find my iPhone Activation lock feature from the new section in the popular domain This means that before you go and purchase an old iPhone from second hand retailer you can check whether the device is being reported as stolen or lost.  Bellow you will find more details about the activation lock status and why it is important to always check the activation status.

Check the Activation Status of your iPhone

This new section is available in the form of a webpage and can be used by anyone who has the IMEI or the serial number of the iOS device. On this website you can check the current Activation lock status of a particular device and in this way you can protect yourself from eventually buying an iOS device which is locked and cannot be activated without using the original login credentials of the real owner.

Check iPhone iCloud Activation Lock

If you did not now, the iCloud Activation lock is enabled on any Apple device when the Find my iPhone feature is activated from the settings menu. Note that this feature is available only for iPod, iPad or iPhone that operate on iOS 7.0 or newer version. This protective feature works in the way that it requires from the user to provide a proper Apple ID and password for an account that previously the user has used to activate the device. Once the device it is activated with specific Apple ID and password and once the Find my iPhone feature is enabled, nobody can access the device unless it provides the login credentials of the account used for the activation. In this way Apple has managed to drastically decrease the number of stolen or compromised iPhone devices and this has proven to be one of the best defensive mechanisms for mobile devices against theft or fraud resale.

Still, even though the Activation Lock is really effective, it still has one major drawback. There are many situations where a user who purchases an iPhone via a second hand retailer to face problems with the Find my iPhone feature, due to the fact that it has not been disabled by the previous owner.

So in order to prevent situations like this, the new section in the iCloud website will help all those people who are considering buying a used Apple device, to check the Activation Lock status before they make the purchase. In case the feature is still enabled you can ask the seller to disable it without going to the burden of trying to find a solution on how to bypass iCloud.

How can you check the Activation Lock status on iPhone?

  • Go to iCloud’s website and navigate to Activation Lock section.
  • Enter the IMEI code or the serial number of the particular device you want to check.
  • Type the CAPTCHA security code and press on Continue.

Once you enter the required details, you will be shown a simple overview of the current status of the Activation lock for that particular iDevice. The given information will help you see whether buying that particular device is really worth it and whether it is reported as stolen or lost. In case the device is iCloud locked and you still want to make the purchase then you can always use the official iCloud removal tool to bypass the Activation screen.

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